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steel and cranes

Contact Information

Wolverine Steel Erectors, Inc.
8150 Jackson Rd Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

telephone: 734-424-0568
fax: 734-424-0672
Information: sales@wse1.com

About Us

Our experienced staff is key to our success and a valued commodity.


Jeff Huffman - Vice President
Pam Ray - Office Manager
Rob Huffman - foreman 25 years
Steve Roberts - foreman 25 years
Tim Kurtz - foreman 25 years
Tom Kurpowic - foreman 20 years
Jim Tuck - foreman 20 years

Additional tradesman are available and are often called on from the union hall. WSE is currently signatory to union agreements with iron workers local 25, local 340, local 55 and operating engineers local 324.

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